The history of California's efforts to achieve gun control and how legislators were kept in the dark about the real truth.


A White House plan to eliminate all private weapon ownership.


An explosion took place in San Francisco Bay in 1944. Evidence points heavily to the fact that the explosion was the first nuclear bomb which detonated by accident at a Navy dock.


What really happened at Port Chicago in 1944, a nuclear explosion?

Port Chicago Update

History of 10,000 Ton Gadget


The details on how candidates Reagan and Bush may have made a deal to keep American hostages in Iran until after the election of 1980.



America - whither thou goest?

Slowly, in increments, the United States Constitution is being eroded and the rights of American citizens trampled upon. Where is America going?

Do Schools Have Money to Burn?

The growing cost of education is compared with the growing decline of student learning.

The Press - Corporate Profits Overshadow Jounalistic Integrity

The advertising side of newspapers is winning the war over journalistic integrity, as more corporations gobble up newspapers and force journalists to prostitute the news.

EMFs - are our children safe?

The exposure of electromagnetic fields in various studies indicate that children are significantly exposed to an increased rate of cancer, but the government won't do anything about it.

The Education Crisis - a system needing restructuring

More and more, private school systems are cropping up as the old school systems are decaying.

The Media Under Attack

Government regulation continues to eat away at the First Amendment and creating more restrictions for today's media.

The Crime Bill - want you don't know might harm you

The public is not aware of the contents of the Crime Bill, as it creates Martial Law powers, seeks Hong Kong Police for a national U.S. Police Force, and detention camps are allowed to be set up all over the country.

Whistleblowers - making the government squirm

Whistleblowers in the Federal Government are beginning to get a degree of protection after years of abuse when they told the truth about government waste.

FreeAmerica 1995