A new radical element that lacks discipline and training, which replaces the National Guard in each state in case of an emergency and when National Guard troops are out of the country.


Many presidents have issued Executive Orders - which is not spelled out in the Constitution. These orders allow the transfer of whole populations, forced labor, take-over of the systems in the U.S. all on a perceived emergency - not necessarily a real one.

FEMA - the Secret Government

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has full control over the entire United States during a real or perceived crisis. It can move whole populations, take over banks, transportation, industry, ports, etc. And citizens will have no Constitutional rights.

Have They Found a Cure?

Has the U.S. Government stifled research on cancer because of it economic impact?

Black Helicopters - who operates them?

Unmarked Black Helicopters have been hovering over our cities and towns for many years and have increased in frequency in the troubled West. Who really operates them and why?


Experiments by the U.S. Government in Alaska two to three decades ago may have been the start of the AIDS epidemic.


A fabled case of espionage, murder and high treason. It involves the theft of propriety software that can track every American citizen and is used by the U.S. to tap into the intelligence operations of its own allies.


Experiments in mind control on U.S. military and civilians - traced from Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union to within the United States by the military and CIA

Government Seizure Laws

The Federal Government has the right to seize your property whether or not you are charged with a crime and dispose of it - and you have no rights to prevent them.

Misuse of Your Social Security Number

Social Security was created as a pension program and your SS card was not to be used for identification. Now it is used as your military service number and on every government and non-government form - illegally.

Expendable People - testing the AIDS virus

Documents from the Federal Government, the United Nations and Indian Tribes in Alaska indicate the AIDS virus was tested in New York, Alaska, California and in Africa before it became an epidemic.

Wackenhut - the Robocop of today

A little known organization founded by former FBI agents is the largest private army in the United States, operating security in our jails, hospitals, firehouses, prisons and at nuclear facilities. What else are they involved with?

FreeAmerica 1995