America - wither goest thou?

The Federal Reserve Bunk

Proving the Historic Jesus

Was the AIDS virus tested on expendable people?

Welcome to FreeAmerica, an on-line service for the North American Investigative Journal The Journal is a carefully researched magazine on critical, but seldom reported issues that effect the lives of American citizens. It also looks into history and religion (as history) to provide some fascinating information not often available to the general public.

This first on-line edition of the North American Investigative Journal focuses on four subject areas. The first is a general review of the of the deconstitutionalization of the United States, the eroding factors that are destroying this country. We make a comparison with our decay to those elements that saw the development of the French Revolution two centuries ago.

One of the biggest myths in America today is the banking system. The nation's economy is run by the Federal Reserve Bank - but it is not a federal agency as most people think. The Federal Reserve Bank was created by international bankers when Woodrow Wilson just became President. An effort was made in the late thirties by Congress to junk it. The Federal Reserve Bank, though it is controlled by national interests, is really controlled by foreign banks which hold the controlling interest in stocks.

Just prior to the AIDS epidemic the federal government was experimenting with people in New York, San Francisco, and Alaska. The Journal pulls the records from a remote Indian tribe in Alaska and looks at the results. The material is shocking, to say the least.

We have always relied on the Bible for information about Jesus. Did he really exist? Does history say anything about him outside the Bible. The Journal carefully examined records outside the Bible, Roman and Jewish records. These records provide some fascinating reading. It disputes many facts about the week of the death of Jesus, but it does prove he historically existed and that the Emperor of Rome even asked the Senate to declare Jesus a deity.

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